About us

Chachapoyas Expedition


We are a Tour Operator with experience and prestige in the Northeastern Region of Peru with its operational office in the city of Chachapoyas.

Since we began operations in 2006, we have assumed the challenge of working for Responsible and Professional Tourism development aimed at providing reliable and innovative services, always with our professional and personalized attention. We are dedicated to the design, organization and operation of the Tourist Product accompanied by a great professional team.

The experience, professionalism and knowledge of the North East that we have been traveling for many years makes us a different but reliable alternative for you.



We are committed to the development of responsible tourism, promoting and disseminating care for our environment; achieving the approval of our clients and the social economic growth of our communities


Lead the North Eastern Peruvian market, providing quality tourist services that guarantee safety and comfort to our clients 



Rolando Germán Carranza

Hello! My name is Rolando A. Germán Carranza, founder of “Chachapoyas Expedition” and Official Tourism Guide, my experience acquired during these last years of specialized work in domestic and incoming tourism in the design, layout, operations, logistics and quality control of the exclusive and innovative products that distinguish us. I represent a new style of tourism that allows you to discover places and cultures in a sustainable and responsible way.


Neira Alva Briceño

She is in charge of the operations area. Born in the Amazonas Region, province of Luya – Vista Hermosa Annex, Neira has been present since the beginning of Chachapoyas Expedition's operations, knowledgeable about the Peruvian North East, which makes her take care of the entire area of operations, she is friendly, reliable and responsible, will help you discover the most beautiful of the North Eastern circuit.


Juan José Chalco Luna

Dedicated to caring for the environment and birding tourism “birdwatching” in the Lambayeque, San Martín, Cajamarca, Arequipa, Tingo María, Cuzco, Puno, Lima, Huánuco areas. Advisor on bird conservation projects in Peru. Birding guide. Collaborator and photographer for websites, publications and magazines. By profession Chemical Engineer CIP 61147.