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This special bird tour will take you to an unexplored area and new routes.
This trip will begin in the Lambayeque desert, crossing the Andes, changing from a cloud forest to the incredible Tarapoto jungle. We will visit the most important places that Valqui mentions in his book.

Day 1

Reception at the airport in Chiclayo. We will visit the Chaparri Private Reserve to admire the following species: White-winged Guans, Tumbes Tyrants, White-headed Brush-Finches, Scarlet-backed Woodpecker and other endemics of the Tumbesian region.
Night in Chiclayo

Day 2

Transfer to the Batan Grande Reserve, archaeological and ecological sanctuary. This beautiful place is the largest forest on the Peruvian Coast. Several species were found here such as: Peruvian Plantcutter, Necklaced Spinetail, Rufous Flycatcher, Coastal Miner, Supercilliaried Wren, Black-faced ibis, Savvana Hawk, Pearl Kite, Aplomado Falcon, Peruvian Pygmy-Owl, Shot-tailed Woodstar, Sacarlet-backed Woodpecker , Streak-headed Woodcreeper, Pacific Hornero, Necklaced Spinetail, we will probably find Gray and Gold Warbler, Sooty-capped Flycatcher, Gray and White Tyrannulet, Tumbre Tyrant (native), Sooty-capped Flycatcher, among others. Night in local hostel.

Day 3

Olmos is best known for the rediscovery of White-winged Guan, first discovered in 1870 and not seen again for 100 years. We will have the entire day to explore the canyon to see: Henna-hooded Foliage-gleaner, Elegant Crescentchest, White-headed Brush-finch, Henna-hooded Foliage-glea, White-winged, Tumbes Hummingbird (endemic) Red-masked Parakeet, plumbeous -backed Thursh, Cinereous Finches (endemic), White-Winged Guan. Transfer to the city of Olmos to spend the night in a local hostel.

Day 4

Today we will move to Jaen, on the way we will stop at some places suitable for observing native birds such as: Yellow-bellied and Black and White Seedeaters, Andean Tinamou, Black-cowled Saltator, Elegant Crescentchest, White-winged and Bay Crowned Brush-Finch's Chapman's Antshrike, Rufous-necked and Henna-hooded Foliage-Gleaners, Andean Tinamou, Peruvian Slaty-Antshrike, Spot-throated Hummingbird and Chinchipe Spinetail, Gray-chinned Hermit, Ecuadorean Piculet, Rufous-necked Foliage Gleaner. At the end of the day we arrive in Jaen. Night in Jaen.

Day 5

Breakfast, we will depart from the city of Chiclayo in a private vehicle, on this route we will cross 4 regions of Peru, starting with Lambayeque, the south of Piura, the north of Cajamarca and we will end in Amazonas. After leaving the coastal desert, we will cross the Porculla Pass to descend into the narrow valleys of the Amazonas-Chachapoyas region. Box Lunch on the route. Arrival in Cocachimba and installation at the lodge.

Day 6

We will start very early to observe birds around the Choctamal Lodge. There are 328 varieties of hummingbirds found in the Americas alone. The most spectacular and mysterious is the Marvelous Spatuletail (Loddigesia mirabilis) that can be seen around this lodge. Near the lodge you can also visit the Huiquilla forest where we can observe more birds such as: Timamiformes, Tinamidae, Nothoprocta sp. “partridge” Tinamou, Galliforme, Cracidae, Penelope ortoni “sachahuashpa”, “guan guan” Guan Columbiformes, Columbidae, Columba fasciata albilinea “Torcaza” Band-tailed Pigeon Leptotila sp. Dove, Ciconiformes, Cathartidae, Cathartes aura “red-headed hawk” Turkey vultur, Coragyps atratus “shuca”, “black-headed hawk” Black vulture, Falconiformes, Accipitridae, Buteo albicaudatus “Gavilan” White-tailed hawk, Falconidae, Falco sparverius “Kernicalo” ” Common kestrel, Strigiformes Strigidae Glaucidium brasilianum “Talacua” Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl, Caprimulgiformes Caprimulgidae, Chordeiles sp. Nighthawk, Micropodiformes, Trochilidae, Colibri coruscans Sparkling Violetear. Night at the Choctamal lodge.

Day 7

Today you will be free to explore the surroundings of the lodge and after lunch we will head towards the Kuelap fortress and look for the following birds: Aglaeactis cupripennis Shining Sunbeam, Chlorostilbon sp. Emerald, Thalurania sp. Woodnymph, Chalybura sp. Plumeleteer, Psittaciformes, Psittacidae, Aratinga wagleri scarlet-fronted parakeet, Piciformes, Picidae, Piculus sp. Woodpecker, Passeriformes, Tyrannidae, Contopus virens, Eastern Wood-Pewee Myarchus tuberculifer Dusky-capped Flycatcher, Todirostrum cinereum common tody-flycatcher, Hirundinidae, Notiochelidon cyanoleuca “swallow” Blue-and-white Swallow Turdidae, Turdus fuscater Great Thrush, Turdus sp Trush , Troglodytidae, Troglodytes aedon House wren, Icteridae, Cacicus sp. Cacique, Vireonidae, Vireo olivaceus Red-eyed Vireo, Fringilidae, Dendroica sp. Warbler, Vermivora sp. Warbler, Pheucticus chrysopeplus Yellow Grosbeak, Emberizidae, Zonotrichia capensis Rufous-collared Sparrow, Certhiidae, Donacobius atricapillus Black-capped Donacobius among others.
Night in Choctamal Lodge.

Day 8

Transfer to Huembo located near the Pomacochas lagoon - La Florida. Settling in at the lodge then in the remainder of the afternoon observe the Marvelous Spatuletail and other birds such as Black Crested Warbler, Andean Lapwing, Grassland yellow-finch, Silver-backed and Blue-capped Tanagers, flowerpiercers, and Green-throated, Smoke- colored Pewee, Purple-throated Sunangel, Three-striped and Russet-crowned Warblers, Green-tailed Trainbearer, Smoke-colored Pewee, Sierran Elaenia, Tawny-rumped Tyrannulet, Streak-necked Flycatcher among others.
Night in Huembo.

Day 9

Transfer to Abra Patricia, we will begin our exploration in the most important points around Abra Patricia, in this area more than 400 species have been documented, among them: Owl & Owlets, Toucan, Tyrannids, Guans, Royal Sunangel, Tapaculo, the little- known Ocher-fronted Antpitta, Cinnamon-breasted Tody-Tyrant, Bar-winged Wood-Wren, Chestnut-breasted Coronet and Long-tailed Sylph, flycatchers, vireos and warblers, the little-known Ocher-fronted Antpitta, endemic Yellow-scarfed Tanager , Cinnamon-breasted Tody-Tyrant, Bar-winged Wood-Wren and the splendid White-capped Tanager, the little-known Ocher-fronted. Night in Moyabamba, the Puerto Mirador hotel, near the Mayo River.

Day 10

We will explore the Tingana reserve all day to observe: Herons, Kites, Woodpeckers, Buff-thrioated, Woodcreeper, and Silvered Anteater, Sender-billed Kite, and 5 species of Kingfishers, Corned Screamer and Limpkin, Agami Heron, Boat-billed Heron , White-banded Swallow and others. We will spend the night at Moyobamba Puerto Mirador hotel.

Day 11

Visit to Morro de la Calzada, an isolated mountain in the west of the city of Moyobamba. It is a small reserve where you can see birds such as: White-throated, Pavonine Quetzals hum, Fiery-capped Manakins buzz, Blackish Pewee, Gould's Jewelfront, Golden-collared and Chestnut-tipped Toucanets, Black and Scale-backed Antbirds, White-lored Tyrannulet, several flycatchers, Scale-breasted and Red-stained Woodpeckers, honeycreepers, dacnises, euphonias, tanagers and saltators, Striolated Puffbird, Amazonian White-tailed and Collared Trogons, Eastern Woodhaunter, Gilded Barbet (split from Black-spotted), Tawny- throated Leaftosser, Rufous-winged Antwren, Ocellated Woodcreeper, among other species.
Night in Puerto Palmeras

Dia 12

We will head towards Yurimaguas to head towards the rainforest to see: Plumbeous Euphonia, Northern-Slaty-Antshrike, Swalow-tailed Kite, Sulfur-bellied Tyrant-Manakin, Pavonine Quetzal. The very rare Dotted Tanager can be seen here. White-necked Jacobin, Painted Parakeet,Ocellated Woodcreeper, Green Honeycrepper, Scale-backed Antbird, Striolated Puffbird, Collared Trogon, Bluish-fronted Jacamar, Gilded Barbet,Blue Ground-Dove, Golden-collared Toucanet, Speckled Chachalaca.
Return to Tarapoto for the flight to Lima.

What to carry?

  • Rehydrating drinks or water.
  • Cap and sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen
  • Photographic camera
  • If under prescription, enough medication
The tour includes
  • All the entrances.
  • Transfer to the airport or bus station.
  • Meals noted in program.
  • Private transportation specified in program.
  • Transfers between cities.
  • 11 days of accommodation.
  • Bilingual guide.
Not included
  • Tips
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Airport taxes.
  • Internal flights (we can provide if required).
  • Others not specified
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